Superman's Son Has Been Getting A Lot Of Attention Lately

Every kid has a wish that they knew a superhero. All kids think their dads are a superhero. Well, this one guy is lucky that way because his dad really was Superman!

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Have you ever wondered about what kids with superhero parents go through? Are they constantly amazed by their parents, or is it just “meh” for them.

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Christopher Reeves, the actor who was famous for playing Superhero in the movies, has three kids. Just imagine what life must have been like for them!

Christopher’s youngest son, William, seems to be coming onto the spotlight now.

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In these images you can see William as a little kid. However, just wait till you see him all grown up!

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He’s 22 now, and doesn’t he look exactly like his dad at that age!

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The similarities become even stronger when you look at their pictures side by side!

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In fact, they look so similar that William would probably make for a great Superman himself!

If you want a little more convincing, then just look at this photoshopped image of William’s face on Superman’s body! Don’t you think it’s meant to be?

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William is working hard to pave his own way and set up his own career.

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Will attended Middlebury College in Vermont and graduated with degrees in English and American literature. He graduated from Middlebury College, Vermont, with degrees in English and American Literature.

He also spent his time as a sports commentator for ESPN.

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He even hosted Good Morning America.

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