Student Journalists Discover Their Principal Is A Fraud


The student journalists of Pittsburg High School, Kansas, decided to do a profile on their new principal, Dr. Amy Robertson.

The research was supposed to be easy, but when the aspiring journalists started digging in, things didn’t really make sense.

“I asked if I could have the universities that she attended to and obtain her PhD and master’s degree and she would not give me that information,” Maddie Baden told Inside Edition.

Maddie, one of the student journalists, got her hands on her principal’s resume and started digging into it. Amy claimed that she did both her masters and PhD from Corllins University.

“We found the website for it, [but] we couldn’t find anything that would work on it. We tried to click on something and it wouldn’t take us anywhere. It would just leave us on the homepage. There was no physical address or phone number for the university.”

It seems that this supposed Corllins university has a lot of scam claims filed against it. Furthermore, Amy claimed to have done her bachelors in the University of Tulsa. But when the journalists explored that, they realized the university didn’t even offer the diploma Amy claimed to have received.

Amy Robertson had to resign after the student journalists exposed this to the school board. The student journalists have now attracted widespread acclaim, even from personalities such as Matt Lauer.

“As young journalists, to have the impact we did was something very special,” said Gina Mathew, one of the reporters.

“It has definitely been a humbling experience,” Emily Smith, their teacher, added. “It shows the power of the press.”

These student journalists were able to investigate something that all adults had missed. Kudos to that!

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