Stressed Shopper Runs To Grab Cash After Card Was Declined, Comes Back To Special Note

No matter how much time and energy you put into planning for the holidays, something is bound to go wrong. There’s the preparation, the shopping and of course, spending a whole lot of coin. Sometimes, it can become all too much!

As Zara Chowdhury learned, last minute gift shopping can be thoroughly stressful.

Zara and her son were out picking up some last-minute presents at Lush, when her credit card was declined.

While she and the cashier tried multiple times, the purchase simply wouldn’t go through. Having one other option, Zara left her bath products on the counter and ran to the nearest ATM to grab some cash.

When she returned she was pleasantly surprised to find her items all bagged up and ready to go. The cashier presented her will the paid receipt that contained a very sweet note.

Facebook / Zara Chowdhury

It read:

I know how stressful this time of year can be. Have a great Christmas! Bethany XXX

Zara’s collection of bath products from Lush came to $US53, not a measly amount.

Facebook / LUSH UK (Trafford Centre)

When Zara asked the cashier about the generous transaction, she knew nothing more than Zara did. Zara searched around the store for the mysterious ‘Bethany,’ but was unable to track her down.

Once home, Zara took to Facebook in the hopes of finding Bethany and expressing her gratitude.

Facebook / LUSH UK (Trafford Centre)


Her public post expressed:

“I was in shock. I went round looking for her [and] I couldn’t find her. I just wanted to say thank you and I really appreciate what she has done! Goes to show there are some really nice people in the world.”

In hopes of Bethany reading the post, she also requested that people share it.

Facebook / Zara Chowdhury


Many people were touched by the gesture.

“Stories like this are what I’ve been explaining to my 7-year-old grandson and the meaning of Christmas,” Karen said. “Well done to that lovely person and a merry Christmas to you all.”

Others were curious about Bethany and how they could track her down.

Facebook / Zara Chowdhury


Zara also wrote a special message for Bethany:

Facebook / Zara Chowdhury


One reader named Marie suggested that her anonymity made the gesture all the more commendable.

“Whichever Bethany it is…she’ll want to remain anonymous,” Marie said.

“Just spreading a lil Christmas cheer, that’s all.”

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