Stranger Gives Sound Advise To Cheater After Her Breakup

A breakup is never pretty. Even if you weren’t good together, even if you weren’t compatible, a breakup is still devastating. This is because you’ve been together a while, for better or worse, and now suddenly you’re left with a void that’s hard to overcome.

Even if the breakup occurs as a result of your own mistakes, it can still be devastating. Even if you cheated on someone, even if you didn’t value them, a breakup can still hit you like a train on a track. After all, haven’t we all been victimized by our own impulses at one point or the other?

For example, this woman cheated on her boyfriend. In her most desperate moment she reached out to seek comfort from her other lover.

But as it turns out, the person on the other end of the line wasn’t quite who she thought it was.


This stranger could comfort Dee and give her some decent advise on her breakup despite the fact that he himself had been cheated on.

We can only hope that she learns a valuable lesson from this breakup and breaks the pattern of cheating before it’s cemented.