Strange keepsake box helps parents save their kids’ umbilical cord, first teeth and locks of hair

Some parents keep a reminder of every special moment with their children. They have a baby book for each child that immortalises the baby announcement and pictures of everything from their baby’s first smile to their first step.

Other parents, on the other hand, caught up in the challenges of child rearing, are happy to just play the tooth fairy from time to time and create memories with their children as they grow over which they can reminisce – with or without a memento.

A new product on the market has parents in both camps divided, however. The wooden box shaped like a child’s face has been designed for organic keepsakes like teeth, hair and fingernails. For some parents, it’s a dream come true while for others, it’s just plain creepy!

Losing baby teeth is a rite of passage for kids.

Many parents will play the tooth fairy for a few years, until their kids outgrow it, but there is always indecision over what to do with the teeth taken from under the pillow.  Some sentimental parents hang onto them, and that’s where the box comes in.

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On the surface, it’s just a cute wooden box shaped like the face of a smiling child.

It could make a lovely dresser ornament that sits right next to the baby powder and the Penaten cream.

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But inside, there are holes for parents to store every single one of the teeth their kids lose, as well as their umbilical cord, and first cut lock of hair.

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If you’re the sentimental type who likes to keep mementos, the simple organization of a box like this has some appeal.

Others say the clinical presentation of the ‘tooth fairy’ box is far from cool and borders on the bizarre!

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What do you think?

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