Starving Dog Is Found In Locked, Dark Shed, Riddled With Bullets

This adorable fluffy creature is Griffin, and when rescuers found him starving in a dark, locked shed it was obvious he’d been through a lot more than most pups. 

When Griffin was rescued by Big Fluffy Dog Rescue he had been starving in the dark for an unknown amount of time. An X-ray revealed that the poor pup had several tiny bullets lodged within his torso, potentially from a BB gun.

It is alleged that his previous owner was abusive and used Griffin as target practice.

Away from this horrible life and in the safe and loving hands of rescuers, Griffin quickly developed a lovable and playful spirit, who loved to socialize with other dogs.

Thanks to the rescue team, Griffin lived out his final days happy and healthy.

It is important to remember stories like Griffin’s to stamp out animal abuse and cruelty.

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