Sparkling Undercut Hairstyles Are Taking Over

Instagram | @guy_tang

Undercut hairstyles have been in vogue for a while now.

People have been getting these secret designs at the nape of their neck. They’re concealed when they have their hair down, but dazzle under a bun or a ponytail. In recent months the undercut has been widely accompanied with rainbow colored hairstyles. However, a new trend has now taken over… the glitter undercut hairstyle!

People have started bedazzling their undercut designs with sparkles and glitter to really glam up their look. And we’re simply in love with this trend!

So go ahead and check out these lovely glitter undercut hair designs! COMMENT down below and let us know whether you’d like to get an undercut as well! SHARE this with everyone over social media!

1. This is a lovely amber-hued hairstyle.

Instagram | @gitty_und_goeff

2. The woman with the honey sparkles.

Instagram | @ciciandersen

3. A mermaid undercut look.

Instagram | @insiderbeauty

4. Blue is the warmest color.

Instagram | @rebeccataylorhair

5. This one looks regal in purple.

Instagram | @gitty_und_goeff

6. The rainbow undercut.

Instagram | @guy_tang