Soldier Returns To An Epic Gender Reveal Surprise!


There’s nothing quite as lovely as a nice gender reveal party when you want to tell someone about the sex of a child.

Krista Jordan’s soldier husband, Brad Jordan, had been deployed for duty. He had to go away for two months, leaving behind his two kids, and his pregnant wife.

As soon as the father landed, there was only one thing he wanted to know – the gender of the baby. Krista met Brad when his plane landed, and she brought with her a bunch of blue balloons to welcome him home with an epic gender reveal!

The Minnesota couple would have a boy!

“My husband, Brad, is about to come home from deployment and I promised him when he landed that I would make sure the second he was here he would know if he had a son or daughter,” Krista told Fox. “When he left I didn’t even look pregnant.”

Brad’s kids immediately rushed up to their father, screaming “Daddy!” He embraced them, and then he saw the blue balloons, and put two and two together.

Brad may not have been there when Krista found out the gender of the child, but she still found a way to make the gender reveal special.

However, you should check out Brad’s expression when he first sees the gender reveal balloons!

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