Single Mom Adopts Orphans Who Have Suffered Abuse


This is a beautiful and inspiring story about a single mom who adopted orphans who had been abused by their previous caretakers.

Kristen Williams, a high school teacher, had always wanted to be a mom. She applied for international adoption from Nepal, and paid $28,000 for it. However, the U.S. Department of State stopped all adoptions from Nepal for fear of them being fraudulent.

Williams, the hopeful mom, lost all her money, but not her hope. She then met a 5-year-old girl from India named Munni. Munni was an orphan who had suffered serious abuse from her previous caretakers, leaving her scarred.

“I saw her face, and it was like an electric current just shot out and hit me in my heart,” Kristen said. “She was everything I wasn’t looking for, and she ended up being everything I needed.”

Kristen adopted Munni in 2013, and then she adopted another 3-year-old orphan named Roopa, who had been left to die in a garbage pile. Roopa’s nose and ears had been eaten up by rodents and animals. No one would adopt the orphan because of her physical disfigurement, but Kristen wasn’t like most people.

“It’s very unfortunate that this is an everyday event in India,” the proud mom said. “Because somebody did stop, and someone did pick her up and turn her in, that’s kind of the silver lining. They could have kept walking, which many people do.”

The Doctors heard about her story and that of her daughters, and they decided to help her out.

Roopa was given a reconstructive nose surgery and a nasal prosthesis, and Munni had cosmetic scar removal. Getting rid of the physical scars won’t heal the emotional ones, but it’s a start.

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