Sick Of Bullies Picking On His Twin Sister, Young Boy Pens A Viral Letter About Her

Like most twins, Ryan and Amber Suffern are inseparable and protective of each other. Even though they are only young,  Ryan understands that his sister has disabilities and hates that the kids at school pick on her. 


In 2013, the twin’s single mother knew that Christmas was going to a financial struggle that year. To get a head-start on her Christmas shopping she asked the kids to write their lists to Santa early.

Amber has autism and an anxiety disorder which makes her an easy target for bullies at the children’s school. Ryan hated seeing his sister constantly being picked on and wrote his Christmas list with her solely on his mind.

When Ryan’s mother took a sneak peek at his Santa list, she was brought to tears by the contents of the thoughtful letter.

The 8-year-old expressed to Santa that he didn’t want anything for Christmas, and to focus his attention on giving his sister everything she wanted. The heartwarming letter went as follows:

“I wanted a remote control car and helicopter but I don’t want that anymore. Kids at school are still picking on Amber and it’s not fair because she doesn’t do anything to them and it makes me mad. I prayed that they will stop but God is busy and needs your help. Is it against the rules to give gifts early? Can you ask Big Time Rush to come to Amber’s b-day party it will make her so happy. If you don’t get them to come, just get her everything she asked for. Thanks Santa”

Their mother knew the bullying was terrible, Amber had previously revealed to her mother that she “wanted to die.” This letter, however, showed Karen just how protective her son was of Amber.

When the devastating letter went viral, Big Time Rush caught wind of the request. The band surprised the twins with a private concert, and we wonder how jealous the bullies were then!

Three years on from Ryan’s letter going viral it’s good news all around with reports that Amber is no longer bullied.

After all the support her brother garnered, the Suffern family decided to take necessary action to protect Amber going forward. Amber transferred schools, while Karen wrote a book about her daughter’s incredible journey.

“Words do hurt, they really do, because even with physical violence eventually, bruises, they heal, broken bones heal, but words you know they do a lot of damage,” Karen said.

Watch the video in full to see Amber’s reaction as her favourite band sing her a special song.