Siberian Husky Loves Chewing On Ice Cubes From The Fridge


One of the many reasons that people love dogs is because of their individual quirks and eccentricities. Some dogs love giving themselves a nice manicure. Some dogs love playing hide-and-seek. And some dogs love chewing on ice cubes! At least, that’s what this Siberian Husky loves!

It’s easy to find a dog that loves licking ice cubes. However, this Siberian Husky doesn’t just lick them, he loves chewing on them the way most dogs love a good bone!

However, it’s something you need to see for yourself. This video captures a 5-month-old Siberian Husky that loves a nice ice cube to chew on!

He always used to watch his owners use the ice machine, so one day he decided to imitate them.

He jumped up on the fridge and pressed the water dispenser buttons. Once he retrieved the ice cube, he settled down to munch on it!

But one wasn’t enough for this adorable Siberian Husky. He jumped up for seconds! The owners captured the whole thing on video.

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Source: Husky knows how to operate refrigerator ice machine by Huskyyyyy on Rumble