Shocking Footage Of Dog Mishandling On The Set Of 'A Dog's Purpose' May Impact Film's Success

Days before the release of new feel good film, A Dog’s Purpose starring Dennis Quad, images have surfaced that seriously question the treatment of the dogs used in the production.

TMZ broke the exclusive footage of a dog handler trying to get a German shepherd into a pool of rushing water for the purpose of a rescue scene. The dog does not want to go in the water, which apparently is common for the breed, but the man forces the pup in after many aggressive attempts.

YouTube | TMZ

There are several other colleagues watching this occur and they don’t seem to be phased at all.

One man even cheerfully says, “oh, oh there he goes!”

YouTube | TMZ

When the dog is successfully launched into the water, he becomes distressed and looks as if he is beginning to drown.

The dog needs to be rescued by multiple members of staff.

YouTube | TMZ

Animal rights group PETA is now urging people to boycott the film’s release this week.

Even the voice of the dogs, comedian Josh Gad has distanced himself from the footage, releasing the below statement:

“As the proud owner of a rescued dog, I have reached out to the production team and studio to ask for an explanation of these disturbing images.”

Warning: the footage may be distressing for some to watch.

One disturbing video is shocking America as an apparently terrified German Shepherd was filmed being forced into turbulent waters for a stunt on the upcoming movie, A Dog's Purpose. As the video shows pandemonium on the set, the poor dog has to be rescued from the water while shooting the scene. The dog, named Hercules, plays a heroic K9 police dog that pulls off a dramatic rescue in the story. Video of how that scene was shot, obtained by TMZ, is causing uproar.