She Got the Call While In Target and Immediately Broke Down, Months Later She's Reunited With Stranger That Offered Consolation

Life would never be the same without her mother. Luckily, someone else’s stepped in to take her place the day it happened. 

Angel Mott had been shopping the Black Friday sales at Target when she heard the news. As soon as she answered the call, she dropped to her knees, screaming and crying in agony. In Angel’s mind, her life was over.

All the young woman remembers of the terrible day is hearing the one sentence she wants most to forget.

“Angel, honey,” the woman on the phone said, “your mom passed away.”

The grief stricken girl erupted in sobs and sat right where she was, directly in the middle of a the Target shopping aisle. Angel completely blocked out whoever and whatever surrounded her.

“… I just started crying uncontrollably. And I sat down on the shelves probably for about five minutes and just bawled,” Angel said.

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Most people kept walking, absolutely oblivious to the distraught young woman. Only one stranger took time out of her day to stop and ask Angel if she was alright.

“I sat down on the shelf in the aisle and must’ve bawled for several minutes,” Angel wrote in a Facebook post. “Some nice lady with black hair and purple highlights sat down with me and hugged me for about five minutes. … I would just like to thank her very much. Not one person stopped to see if I was OK. But her and her sister did and I appreciate that more than they’ll ever know!”

The social media post went viral almost instantly, just as Angel hoped. She wanted badly to thank the kind soul that lent her a shoulder to cry on. Not long after, she got that very chance. Angel met Stephanie Uhleberg once more and shared a hug with the human that helped her get through the worst day of her life.

“It made me feel like people actually still care,” Mott said with tears in her eyes.

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