See What Happens When Twins Decide To Face Swap


It is often said that twins are extremely similar in a lot of ways, even beyond the simple physical similarities.

Research has been done to substantiate the belief that twins share a kind of intuitive sixth sense in respect to each other, that they’re more emotionally connected to each other than most people can understand. It is even believed that identical twins can often feel each others joys and pains as if it were their own.

Brittany Walton’s father and uncle are twins. They’re identical twins who even share behavioral traits. Brittany showed them the Snapchat feature that allows for a face swap, and the twins absolutely had to see what would happen!

The twins try out the face swap feature, and their reaction is priceless! In fact, you’ll be lead to laughing right along with them as they see themselves on each other’s bodies! The result is pretty much what you’d expect, they’re twins so not much difference there! But their infectious laughter makes it all worth it.

Do you know of twins who have face swapped? Did you enjoy watching them face swap each other?

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