'Say Yes to the Dress' Bride Sues TV Show For Ruining Your Wedding Day With Premature Air Date

Say Yes To The Dress is a reality television show that allows us to ogle stunning wedding dresses right from our living room. With hundreds of hopefuls, the show only chooses a handful of lucky brides to be on it. If you got call-up, could you imagine suing over it’s airing? This woman did. 

Alexandra Godino was asked to appear the reality television program, ‘Say Yes To The Dress’, after her engagement to hockey star Jeff May. Lucky to be approached, Godino agreed on one condition; her episode would not air before her wedding date in May. Allegedly, the producers gave her a verbal agreement.

You would think that in reality land, most of these weddings have already happened months before their dress decisions go to air. Apparently not. Often, the episodes air before the date and other brides are usually fine with this.

Godino, however, was not. When she found out her episode, in which she is seen purchasing and wearing an expensive gown from Kleinfeld Bridal, was airing in March she decided to sue the network.

via Facebook / Ali Godino

Godino had many reasons to be upset by the premature airing. She reportedly spent five-figures on the stunning wedding dress which was set to be the biggest part of the wedding. Obviously, the show would ruin the surprise and spectacle of the gown on her big day.

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However, because Godino had signed a contract that gave the producers control over her image, the judge could not rule in her favour. Godino’s claim of a verbal agreement did not hold up against a written consent in the Manhattan Supreme Court Justice.

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Hear Godino’s side of the story in full.

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