Resourceful Man Builds Home For Himself Under New York


There are some people amidst us who can be insanely resourceful when it comes to it. There are those who can put the heroes of movies to shame. You don’t necessarily have to be a rocket scientist to be so resourceful, all you need is determination.

You can even be resourceful in how you make a home for yourself, be it through small upgrades, or completely changing the very fabric of the house!

One man used his resourceful skills to make a home for himself under the New York City subway! Of course, living underground surely comes with its own set of disadvantages like to lack of light or the shaking of the trains overhead. However, this resourceful man clearly makes it work!

He has managed to install electricity, a gas cooker, and a mini-fridge in his home! Because of his sheer genius, this resourceful man has found a way to avoid paying rent in a city like New York! How great is that!

What do you think of this home? Can you picture yourself in it?