Rescue Pup In Wheelchair Meets An Amazing Friend!

Baxter is a little rescue pup who had a tough life. However, when he was in need, he found a friend in Andy Morales, an employee for Lowe’s Home Improvement.

Baxter was rescued by Pawsitive Rescue Armenia, an organization that helped this rescue pup find a forever home.

Baxter is a special-needs rescue pup and uses a wheelchair to get around. His weight is supported by the metal frames of the chair so he can wheel himself around.

The wheelchair occasionally needs a hardware update, and that’s how Baxter the rescue pup found himself at Lowe’s in Wilkesboro along with his adopted mom, Amy Jo Martin.

Andy, an employee at the store, saw Baxter and crouched down to his level.

Amy Jo Martin was a witness to the lovely scene, and she took pictures that soon went viral on Facebook!

Facebook / Love What Matters

In fact Martin’s Facebook post was even featured on Love What Matters. Her post received thousands of reactions, likes, shares, and comments!

“If we had more people like Andy, our world would be such a great place,” someone commented. “His employers should be so happy they have such a great person in their team!”

Facebook / Love What Matters

Facebook / Love What Matters

Martin wrote:

This is Andy. He works at the Lowes in Wilkesboro, NC.

In the wheelchair is our rescue pup, Baxter.

A couple weeks ago, my best friend and I took Baxter’s cart to Lowe’s to find the correct hardware so we could attach an anti-tip rear wheel to Baxter’s cart.

We ended up at the project desk asking for someone who had imagination and could think outside the box. 

Facebook / Love What Matters

They called our new friend, Andy.

Andy sat on the floor with us in the hardware department for a good hour, helping us.

We left with a plan, the right hardware, and only $5 lighter.

After his vet visit, we took Baxter to Lowes so we could show Andy how his cart turned out.

Andy was at the project desk when we arrived and he came out, sat right on the floor and introduced himself to Baxter as he checked out the anti-tip 3rd wheel.

Flickr / Mike Mozart

I explained how we had to tweak it a little more than anticipated….

Andy gave it a good ‘once over’, and gave his seal of approval.

I asked to see the manager so we could express how much we appreciated all the time Andy spent with us in trying to brainstorm our little project.

His customer service and kindness were beyond what we had ever experienced and we needed to make sure it was acknowledged.

The manager asked us to share the story on his Facebook page so he could, in turn, share it with Corporate.

Facebook / Amy Jo Martin

You know that saying about how a little appreciation goes a long way?

We truly felt that with Andy.

He really seemed touched that we took the time to stop in to show him the final product and express our gratitude.

He said he and his wife would love to dog-sit Baxter if we ever need them to and gave us big hugs before we left.

Facebook / Love What Matters

As Lolly said, ‘Andy’s reaction made my heart smile.’

I agree completely.

Feel free to share this and let Andy know how much the rescue community appreciates his help with our beloved Baxter’s wheels.

If you happen to live near Wilkesboro, NC, stop in Lowe’s and shake Andy’s hand. He’s a gem!

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