Puppy Without Legs Found In A Dumpster

A man found a little puppy with no front legs in a dumpster.

The puppy was born without legs and left to die in a dumpster.

The man took him to a shelter, however he was rejected because of his birth defect. They said they weren’t prepared to care for a puppy with such a condition.

He left, stunned, trying to come up with a solution.

However, two volunteers at the shelter took the puppy in and gave him a home, at least for the night.

His heart shaped nose earned him the name Cupid. Cupid is a Great Pyrenees mix, and he was picked up by Joan Znidarec of the Dog Rescuers Inc. the following day.

[H/T: Toronto Sun]

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A veterinarian examined Cupid and determined that he’s completely healthy.

Cupid even found a foster family willing to care for him while Joan got prosthetic legs made.

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More than 30 people have already shown interest in adopting Cupid, however she hasn’t decided yet.

Joan wants Cupid to learn how to manage with his prosthetics first, before she lets him go to a new home.

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Cupid needs a family who can take care of a dog with special needs.

Cupid will also need new prosthetics made as he grows up.

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Furthermore, Cupid would also need more trips to the vet, attentive parents, and a special diet.

Cupid currently uses his chest to scoot himself around by pushing with his back legs.

However, with the prosthetics he’ll have to learn a new means of moving around.

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Cupid has skis now to help him move around, however he isn’t used to it.

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However, dogs are extremely adaptable and pretty soon he’ll be running around like any other dog!

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