Pregnant Mom With Dwarfism Goes For Ultrasound And Is Shocked When Doctors Reveal Baby's Size

Born with distrophic dysplasia, a rare and unique type of dwarfism, Tiffanie DiDonato was never expected to be capable of childbirth. Learning they were pregnant shortly after getting married, Tiffanie and Eric hoped for the best but prepared for the worst. Then, the couple attended their 3-month ultrasound and received some news they weren’t exactly prepared to hear. 


As a teen, Tiffanie struggled to fit in with her peers. As a result, the brave young woman opted to undergo multiple limb-lengthening surgeries.

Surprisingly, 14 inches of height was added to the adolescent’s small frame, completely changing her future for the better.

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Residents of Swansboro, North Carolina, Tiffanie and Eric fell head over heels for one another, shared a fairy-tale wedding, and began their lives as husband and wife.

Because of the newlywed’s genetic condition, the subject of children was put on the back burner and not given much thought after the honeymoon.

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Then, Tiffanie learned she was expecting a baby. While thrilled at the thought of having a child, she and Eric were worried about the potential complications that could arise.

The surprising pregnancy would definitely be labeled ‘high-risk,’ and the chances of birthing a healthy and “normal” baby were relatively unknown.

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Thankfully, Tiffanie was able to deliver a completely adorable little boy. What’s more is the fact the couple’s son was born without his mother’s genetic condition and would grow to be average-sized.

A second bun in the oven brought the mom and dad to the same dilemma three years later. Trying to raise a rambunctious toddler while running an entire household, Tiffanie was learning to work around her 17 lb. baby bump.

“I look like I swallowed a beach ball,” she said.

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Attending their three-month check-up, the couple held their breath as doctors determined whether or not baby no. 2 would inherit Tiffanie’s small frame. Needless to say, the news was music to their ears.

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