Photographs Of Locations Around The World That Will Astound You!

The world is a rich and diverse emporium of natural wonders and beautiful sights!

Check out this collection of photographs taken in locations around the world.

It is sure to astound you!

Moonlight reflected off snow-capped mountain peaks

© drunktiki

A thousand-year-old oak tree located in France, that has a chapel inside!

© vivefeliz

An aerial view of a frozen river and the bridge above it

© art-on

A combination of lines come together to create a geometric pattern

© imgur

Factory chimneys create an image of a “sun”

© vs

A suite in an underwater hotel in Dubai

© onedio

A 3D design of a glass swimming pool connecting two  London apartment buildings

© media.guim

A sculpture in the underwater museum, MUSA, called ‘Inertia’

© musamexico

The top of Mount Everest, as seen from the air!

© infoglaz

Russia’s Iturup island, the home of the white cliffs

© nationalgeographic

China’s glass trail of terror built at 1,430 meters!

© my_tagimg

A plastic bottle sculpture on a beach in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro

© blogspot

Melissani Lake in Greece has the cleanest water in the world!

© lewerta

The Tibetan Mastiff is one of the most unusual breeds of dog in the world!

© ytimg

A bridge in Indonesia made from the roots of a tree

© platechno

Death Valley, USA

© (с) Mazouz Shana

It goes straight for more than 200 km.

This incredible drawing was made only using colored pencils!

© blogspot

Another suspended bridge in China – the path of death, located at 2,130 metres

© izismile

The shadow of an airliner against a layer of fog, photographed from Logan Airport, Boston

© teostie

Clouds reflected in the waters of the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

© vetton

Sheltered parking in the US that has a roof made out of 1,500 plastic bottles.

© astuces-de-mamie

The bay as seen from a resort in Crimea called Novyi Svet

© trashin