Phone Records Baby Running Away with Mom's Phone

Phone theft isn’t usually funny. But in this instance, it just is. After all, the thief is so cute and is having such a great time!

When this baby stole his mom’s phone, he didn’t know the phone was recording the whole thing. He was caught red-handed anyway but if any further evidence was needed, he had provided it himself.

YouTube Screenshot

When his mum shared the video of him running away with the phone and giggling hysterically, it became an overnight viral sensation. The baby’s laugh is so contagious that you will have very little choice but to laugh too.

YouTube Screenshot

His expression is so full of joy, you would never have seen anything like it. Stealing a phone has never more pleasurable!

YouTube Screenshot

You won’t regret watching the 11 seconds it took to record this caught-on-camera-crime and apprehend the perpetrator. It will be the cutest thing you would have seen for a while and all you’ll want to do is SHARE it.

Here’s hoping this video makes your day!