People Whose Blatant Lies on Facebook Were Just Downright Embarrassing

Some people can’t help themselves from lying on social media. The urge to show the world that they have it all together, are enjoying the good life, or simply that they fit in with everyone else, pushes them to tell some whoppers that are blatantly untrue! Whether it was the poor quality of the edited images they posted or that they used stolen photos that were easily traceable, the following people got caught out, and boy was it embarrassing!

Justin Bieber’s secret girlfriend!

reddit | theempires

Not only is the color of his abs “off”, but his belly button is also missing!

reddit | LordPotatoHead

That totally NOT fake thigh gap!

reddit | BenNCM

Fake news at its best!

reddit | Orichalcon

Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!

reddit | DoraXploredMe

This compulsive liar stole her ‘fiance’s’ pic from Google.

imgur | Gatt5u

This budding fiction writer, creating in her pajamas!

imgur | GR3453m0nk3y

More like lying comes naturally for this girl!

reddit | burrrpong

Devin’s friend is particularly allergic to sniffer dogs …

Humour Spot

Talk about inclusive advertising!

reddit | PatchesXLI

Maybe this one was a joke … Right?

reddit | bl1ndin9

The boyfriend who donated an ovary to save his girlfriend, *sigh*.

reddit | olafthevikingqueen

Photoshop? No way!

reddit | Sternenlicht

What exactly was he attempting to do with this post? Should have quit while he was ahead!

imgur | afriendofafriend

The love of this person’s life likes to put the Jailbait logo on her pictures!

imgur | EmmaWatsonReference

She’s so natural, she looks like a mannequin!

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