Volunteers Build A Home For Widow With Six Children


Estelle Barnes-Summers and her husband were the proud parents of six children. They purchased a home in Michigan for their family, however Estelle’s husband was shot and killed during the process of fixing it.

Overnight, Estelle became a 33 year old widow with six children and a house that hadn’t yet been prepared.

Estelle and her family were left without a home or sanctuary.

Nine months later, Yatooma Foundation for the Kids decided to tell Estelle and her kids’ story.

As a result of the story getting out, dozens of people around the neighborhood volunteered their efforts and they collectively put in over 2000 hours of work.

Estelle had just wanted a roof with four walls, but she found so much more instead.

To quote her, “Oh my God, I feel like I’m dreaming, It doesn’t feel real.”

Watch the video down below, and have a look at Estelle’s home and children. Please SHARE this heartbreaking story with everyone you know.