Outnumbered During Walk In the Snow, Mom To 9 Retriever Pups Accepts Defeat In The Most Adorable Way Possible

After playing and prancing, the exhausted mom simply wanted a relaxing break in the snow … it didn’t exactly prove successful.


Boon and her nine (yes, nine) babies were having the time of their lives enjoying the winter wonderland.

After a few moments of play time, the family outing amidst the snow was proving to be quite exhausting for the new mama.

Boon attempted to get away for one peaceful moment of solitude, and more than once too! The litter of nine wasn’t about to let that happen.


The pup’s energy levels were no match for the middle-aged woman. Boon’s plan to ‘escape’ only entertained the idea of a game to the nine babies.

Caught on camera is the adorable interaction between the 7-week-old litter and their mother, while they declare defeat in a massive dogpile.

In the end, it looked like the perfect snow day.

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