Not Realizing Brother And Sister Kittens Are Just Playing, Pup Settles Fight In Cutest Way Ever

Playfully pouncing on his siblings furry tail, one kitten got the shock of his life from another four-legged member of the family. Somehow, this ‘brotherly’ interaction seems a little TOO familiar.

One cat and his younger kitten brother were simply enjoying a friendly afternoon wrestle. However, the family dog didn’t seem to think so.

The furry older pup assumed the two were having a real fight and stepped in to defend his elderly bro in the most adorable way possible.

Refusing to let the runt of the family rule the roost, the dog quickly pounced on all the fun. Actually, in the pup’s mind, it was more like ‘coming to the rescue.’

Even so, the youngest of the three was taught a valuable lesson we’ve all had to learn: pick on someone your own size!

All in all, the incredibly cute interaction shows nothing more than classic sibling rivalry and a hint of brotherly love.

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