New Mama Takes Adorable Maternity Photos With Litter Of Six Wiener Dog Puppies

After making a precious pregnancy announcement, photographer Belinda Sol took the term ‘maternity photos’ to another level. The talented woman wowed the world with adorable pictures of a new mama and her six wiener dog puppies. Let’s just say, the cuteness factor is off the charts. 


It all started with an interesting call.

Belinda answered the phone and explained to the woman on the other end of the phone she’d be happy to shoot maternity photos … for a pregnant dachshund named Mia.

via Facebook / I Love Dachshunds Belinda Sol

To Belinda, it was a challenging and new opportunity to showcase her talents.

“I had never done [a dog shoot] before, and I was excited to do so,” the woman explained. We’re just hoping the trend catches on!

via Michael Baisden Belinda Sol Photography

“So this mama just had her babies,” the caption to the first Instagram photo read.

” … and what do you do after a maternity photo shoot??? The newborn session. Six tiny puppy sized bonnets being delivered today!!!”

via Instagram / @babybybecca

The tiny bundles of joy couldn’t have been more perfect!

Careful, you might be convinced to take a tiny pup home for yourself.

via Metro Fortitude Press

That’s one proud mama and her babies.

Why has no one ever thought of this before?

via Metro Fortitude Press

The adorable brothers and sisters enjoy some cute cuddles.

Oh. My. Goodness. This might possibly be the cutest image in the entire world.

via Today Fortitude Press / Barcroft Media

Six cozy little caps for six scruffy little noggins.

They even put them oldest to youngest in rainbow order!

via Today Fortitude Press / Barcroft Media

Just in case you weren’t overloaded with cuteness …

… here’s six puppies snuggled up like bugs in a rug.

via Today Fortitude Press / Barcroft Media

Of course, Belinda couldn’t forget the individual shots!

Each pup got a chance to sit for a personal photoshoot on a bear skin rug. After all, what else?

via Michael Baisden Belinda Sol Photography

They’re growing up pretty fast …

Hint: it might be time for some 6-week-old photos …

via Google+ / Bruna C.

They’re even dressing themselves!

Well, kind of. The point is, there are two puppies … in clothes … sitting in a stroller.

via Flickriver / tiffany48

Good luck with life, little ones!

We’ll just leave this here …

via Instagram / @babybybecca