Naughty Drivers Rewarded By Nice Police Officers Armed With Gifts

For most people, getting pulled over by the police is very nerve-racking. However, during the holiday season, you never know what the encounter may bring. 


For drivers in Michigan’s Jackson County, getting pulled over by police during the Christmas time isn’t the disaster it usually is.

Local Police officers went about their usual business pulling over drivers for minor offences. Those drivers who hadn’t buckled up or forgot their blinker were pulled over, but instead of being reprimanded for their indiscretions, they were greeted with something completely different.

Armed with the usual list of questions for drivers, these particular police also asked,

“What’s on your Christmas list?”

As the confused drivers gave their answers, the microphones pined to the officer’s uniform relayed the Christmas wishes through to American One Credit Union’s little helpers.

Unbeknownst to the drivers, the credit union and the police force had joined forces to spread some Christmas cheer.

The helpers grabbed the requested presents from the shelves, and delighted shocked citizens who thought their day was going to be ruined by the police encounter.

This stroke of generosity was a way of demonstrating that the police are there to help.

“It was gonna be kind of tough this year to put something under the tree,” Claire Schulcz said, after being pulled over and gifted.

“So this is really gonna be helpful.”

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