Mother's Newborn Baby Given To Another Mother To Breastfeed In Hospital

A mother from Minneapolis, MN, is suing after a devastating hospital mix up. 

Tammy Van Dyke delivered a healthy baby boy named Cody at Abbot Northwestern Hospital back in 2012. Soon after Cody’s birth, a nurse took the newborn and placed him in the incorrect bassinet in the maternity ward. Later that day, he was taken to the incorrect mother who breastfeed Cody.

Luckily, this mother quickly realized Cody wasn’t hers.

Cody was immediately returned to Van Dyke, but this unfortunately meant that the other woman’s baby was still missing.

“She called the nurse and the nurse came and got my son from her, and then her son was missing for 20 minutes. He was in my son’s bassinet,” Van Dyke said.

Even though both baby’s were eventually returned to his rightful mother, the damage had already been done. Because Cody had been breastfed by another woman, he and Van Dyke had to endure several expensive tests for HIV, hepatitis, and other illnesses.

Four years on, Van Dyke is suing for $50,000 in damages.

Since the mix up, the hospital has implemented an electronic system of identification within the maternity ward. Matching bracelets will either light up red or green depending on whether the correct mother-child match has been made.

While this mother’s traumatic journey has probably saved other many families from the same pain, let’s hope Van Dyke herself is compensated.

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