Mother's Final Hug Brings Stillborn Baby Back to Life in a Touching Video

There is no love like a mother’s love, the saying goes. This one-minute video shows us just how strong a mother’s love can truly be…

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Thai commercials are notorious for making us laugh, cry, or feel moved in one way or another. They are able to capture the deeper emotions of daily life in a way that rivals Western media’s often clean-cut advertising.

One commercial really pulled at our heartstrings. It begins with a striking view of newborn twins in their crib, one crying and moving around, the other still and slightly blue. It is a scene that, sadly, many mothers have had to see.

A devastated mother then leans over the silent baby, and cradles him in her arms. This scene alone portrays the strength, love, and positive energy only a mother can give her children. You’ll never believe what happens next!