Mother Who Had Balloons Under Her Skin Has Amazing Transformation

Arterial venous malformation is not for the faint hearted, and unfortunately it is not something that is exactly easy to live with. This mother of two has suffered with this for most of her life, but now has made a massive transformation. 


Jennifer Hiles, a 28 year old from South Dakota has had the unfortunate circumstance of dealing with AVM for the large majority or her life. AVM is a unique disease, and Jennifer’s case is particularly life threatening. It has affected her life in so many ways and has made substantial changes to her facial features.

Thankfully, Jennifer has went through a surgical procedure which was designed at correcting her facial AVM.
Pictured is Jennifer with her two daughers, Marlina and Kiah.

The facial swelling isn’t actually caused by the AVM; instead these are caused by the medical balloons that were placed there to help calm Jennifer’s pain levels.

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It all started from birth, but it was actually thought to be a birthmark!

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This opinion very quickly changed when she almost died.

Alfreda Simms; Jennifer’s mother stated “She nearly died when she was 11 and had to be airlifted to the hospital. She was bleeding from her nose and lost a ton of blood.”

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She didn’t have much luck with love, with boys only going on dates with her in private and without anyone knowing

“I didn’t realize that I was so different until my first boyfriend,” she said in an interview. She added that “He would always talk to me, but then when we were in school, he would completely ignore me and talk to the pretty girls.” It wouldn’t be long until she found the man of her dreams, though.

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She did however meet her one true love, Dustin Van Overschelde in high school.

Dustin explained  that “I can see past her outside because she is so beautiful on the inside.” Dustin, who Jennifer has had two children with, has decided to stand with his wife during these difficult medical circumstances.

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Jennifer has actually gone through many surgeries to fix issues that have arisen due to her AVM.

“I just want to be able to spend all of my time with my kids without people looking at me and calling me names,”  explained Jennifer. She also explains that she wants to live a normal life and be able to enjoy time with her children.

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The surgical balloons that were put in place were used to relieve pain, but they were also used to stretch the skin so that more skin could be used during future surgeries.

This is Jennifer being looked over by her doctor.

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Dustin was always around to offer his support to Jennifer during her surgeries.

The pair are hoping that she will soon be able to life as normal of a life as possible.

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Pictured below is Jennifer, moments before her life changing surgery.

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Jennifer’s family waited patiently as she was getting her operation done.

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These are the balloon sized sacs that were once in Jennifer’s face.

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And here she is after her latest round of surgery.

Shortly after waking from her surgery, she asked her doctor;”I asked him to take a picture of my face and I was so happy because my entire face was just white and it looked AVM-free and I just couldn’t believe it was me,”

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It’s not all over however, she will now undergo some more surgeries to perfect her face and get rid of some of the more noticeable scars.

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Thankfully, Jennifer’s bleeding has stopped for the time being.

She is much happier now and loves to spend more time with her family, without being afraid of what others think about her.

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She looks so much happier but she understands that there will be more surgeries to come.

You can even see her video blogs on YouTube where she documents her life after surgery.

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