Mother Finds 6-Year-Old Crying Over An Unexpected Christmas Card Message

Receiving Christmas cards is always a holiday highlight for school-goers. They trade bright red envelopes with their favourite friends in the playground before they break for weeks of feasting and fun. Unfortunately, this little boy found a message in his that made him sad for the season. 

On his last day of Kindy for the year, Anna Mitchell’s son came home with a bag full of Christmas cards he couldn’t wait to open. The little boy emptied his backpack of candy canes and cards onto the floor and sifted through them one by one.


Unfortunately, it wasn’t long until Mitchell heard her son’s sobbing. When she came into his bedroom, she found him surrounded by lovely cards and sweet treats, but he was holding just one piece of paper in his hand.


She read the card that he was holding and the hand-written message that simply said “I hat [sic] you.”

Noticing the little crossed-out love heart, Mitchell quickly realized that the card meant to say, “I hate you.”

“He struggled to compose himself. His shoulders heaving. His face broken. Eyes squinting and pleading. Tears streaming. The whole works,” Mitchell explained of the little boys reaction.

Mama Mia

Mitchell contacted the school about the horrible card, but they couldn’t locate the author, so she took to Facebook.


Eventually the parent of the little girl responsible for the card came forward. He admitted that he hadn’t read through every single card his daughter had sent out and apologized profusely.

Unfortunately, Mitchell’s son was still hurt.


Following the whole saga, Mitchell sent out a message to all parents.

“Teach your children to love and accept. Be kind always. And please check your children’s Christmas cards.”

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