Mongolian Young Man Nervously Takes The Stage, Slaying A George Strait Solo They're Not Even Sure Was Actually Him

Enkh-Erdene Otgonbat’s polite and modest demeanor took a back seat while the 20-year-old belted out one of the most amazing performances to date on Mongolia’s Got Talent.

Giving the crew to cue to ‘hit it,’ Otgonbat held on for dear life! All he had to do was get the first note out … it was beautiful. “Amarillo by Morning,” one of George Straight’s greatest hits, blasted through the speakers while the nervous young man nailed every single lyric in a smooth southern drawl.

The performance was so great in fact, the audience and cast members had a tough time believing it was actually Otgonbat singing!

Surprising everyone listening, the 20-year-old revealed he’d never pursued a career as a professional singer! Of course, the crowd went wild, cheering and clapping in approval.

For Otgonbat, that was the first of many. Eventually, the adorably nervous Mongolian went on to win the entire competition .

….and just wait till you hear what he has to sing about it!