Mom's Best Friend Is Dying From Cancer, So She Adopts Her Six Kids

This story is both heartwarming and tragic, so you’ll need to have some tissues nearby!


Stephanie, a mother of three living in Virginia, recently found herself faced with an incredible decision.

Her best friend, Beth, was dying from cancer. Beth’s final wish was a big one: she wanted Stephanie to adopt her six kids!

Beth knew that she didn’t have long left to live and wanted to be sure that her children were looked-after when she was gone.

It was a big request, but Stephanie didn’t even think twice. She was already a mother to three wonderful children and was happy to make her family grow even bigger. She also wanted to honor her friend’s dying wish and let her truly rest in peace.

And so, with that, Stephanie’s family more than doubled in size!

The kids are all different ages and the family definitely had to make some big adjustments to make. The first few weeks were particularly difficult as everyone adapted to the new living arrangements, but slowly and surely, things started to get easier.

But they were about to get a whole lot better!

The family was invited onto Rachael Ray’s show, where the host had a big surprise in store for them!

Rachael knows all about the struggles many parents can face, especially when trying to raise a lot of kids all at once. In order to reward Stephanie and her husband for their remarkable act, Rachael gave them three suitcases. Inside each one was a whopping $15,000!

But Rachael didn’t stop there. A fourth suitcase was revealed, and you won’t believe what was inside! Watch the video below to find out and then SHARE the fantastic surprise around with your friends.