Mom of the Year Takes Little Girl's Favorite Stuffed Dog Away Only To Return With Live One On Christmas Day

As a child, Daisy learned the sad and awful truth. No matter how much she begged, her toys were never going to come to life … then one eventful Christmas changed everything. 

Daisy’s parents saw their little girl take her stuffed dog everywhere. Luna and the girl were two peas in a pod, joined at the hip, thick as thieves, you get the idea. Because she didn’t have a real pup to tote around, Luna was the next best thing.

Little did Daisy know her mom and dad had planned the perfect Christmas surprise. Knowing how much their daughter wanted a real live dog, they went on the search for one that looked exactly like Daisy’s stuffed best friend. They found the perfect Cocker Spaniel that made the cut and were absolutely ecstatic.

The parents kept their epic present completely under wraps, waiting for the perfect moment to hand over the dog: Christmas day.

The little girl sat on the couch, clutching Luna and waiting patiently for her parents’ gift. Instructing Daisy not to open her eyes until told to do so, the parents took away stuffed Luna. Dad recorded the entire event while mom handed over the furry friend.

Daisy couldn’t believe her eyes. Petting the Cocker Spaniel and smiling as wide as possible, the little girl let out squeals and tears of joy.

We’re thinking her parents deserve a round of applause, along with the adorable puppy of course.

See Daisy’s excitement and watch her priceless reaction, all caught on camera!

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