Mom Goes To Change Her Baby's Diaper, Then Notices A Bag Filled With Goodies

As every parent knows, changing diapers isn’t a fun-filled experience. In fact, you don’t even need to be a parent to imagine what it must be like. So, any help moms and dads can get is greatly appreciated!

Facebook / Love What Matters / Joy Clyde

The worst time to change a diaper is when you’re out and about in public places. First, there’s the problem of having to find the closest public bathroom, then there’s the issue of hoping you’ve packed all the necessary tools for the job, including spare diapers, wipes and more.

Well, in order to help eliminate that second worry, a bunch of united moms have decided to start leaving little “diaper goodie bags” in public bathrooms all over the nation. The bag will be filled with spare diapers and other little necessities, and can be refilled over time by other moms in a sort of “pay it forward” system.

Diaper changes can’t be postponed and it’s vital to have a fully-stocked diaper bag at all times, so we think this is a really great initiative that will definitely help out plenty of parents!

The initiative recently went viral after a mom posted a photo to Facebook. She didn’t actually need to use the goodie bag herself, but she spotted it in the bathroom of a Target store and thought it was a really great idea, so decided to share an image with her friends.

The picture received thousands of likes and comments, with many other moms supporting the idea and sharing their own experiences. Read on to learn more.

Facebook / Love What Matters / Joy Clyde

Joy Clyde recently shared the above image on Facebook. She’d been visiting the public restroom of a Target and noticed this bag on the changing table. It was a plastic bag filled with spare diapers and cleaning wipes, along with a note that read as follows:

“We have all been there, forgot diapers, wipes, and your little one just exploded their pants! Hopefully this helps! Take what you need or leave any extra! Remember, it takes an army to raise children, so lets [sic] all help each other! A mom who has needed help, many times.”

Joy was impressed by the idea and wrote the following caption to accompany her image: “This was in our local Target store and thankfully I didn’t need but thought it was awesome. Good people everywhere.”

Wikimedia Commons

It’s definitely a smart idea!

Countless parents have found themselves in the unenviable situation of needing to change their baby and not having any spare diapers or wipes left, so this sort of thing will certainly help them.

This is yet another example of people randomly being kind to one another, and we’re very impressed by it!

It seems like other people are impressed too, as the image went viral and the trend is popping up all over the nation.

Instagram / Christina Causland

One man shared her own experience of a time when the goodie bag came in handy.

Christina Causland spotted a pile of diapers in a branch of HomeGoods at a time when she’d forgotten to pack any in her bag. She shared the image above, showing the little note that had been written alongside the diapers: “I once found myself in this exact spot with a newborn with a crazy blow out and no DIAPERS or WIPES. An unmitigated disaster, that was. Just in case you have found yourself in the same sort of pickle, I brought in some wipes and diapers to save the day. Good luck out there! Sarah”

Facebook / Alyssa Pye

Plenty of other moms have shared their own photos and experiences too! It seems like this idea is certainly helping a lot of people, so we hope it continues to spread even further!

Facebook / Tracey McElhone

Tracey McElhorne shared the photo above, showing several little parcels filled with diapers and wipes at her local library.

As you can see in the photo, these little goodie bags each came with a note quoting a passage from the bible: “A Free Gift….Be encouraged today! Every good and perfect gift is from above….James 1:17″

Wikimedia Commons

Do you think this is a great initiative and would you think about taking part yourself? Let us know and SHARE the story with the parents in your life.