Mom Gives Home Birth And Keeps The Gender A Secret


Amber and Kyle wanted to go for a home birth and they wanted to keep the gender of the baby a surprise. However, they already had two sons, so they didn’t think they’d give birth to a girl.

Amber started contracting on the 21st of December, 2013. She was surrounded by her entire family, and a photographer. The midwife filled the birthing pool. As Kyle massaged her back, she listened to the music that calmed her all though her pregnancy.

In the video, Amber looks entirely peaceful and calm. She also assures viewers that no part of the video has been edited out. She says she was just at ‘2’ on the pain scale because her mind was elsewhere. To quote her, “I just went away. I was in another world during that whole time in the pool. My happy spot was on the beach… That’s where I went.”

Amber felt that there was a “water balloon sac” covering the baby’s head. This is because the baby was born en caul, that is, in the amniotic sac. This is a miraculously rare condition, and as a result the birthing was painless and simple.

“I remember moving the umbilical cord between the legs, looking down, my husband and I kind of look at each other, and I looked at my midwife. And the look on her face was saying, ‘You’re not crazy. You can say it!’”

As soon as they figured out the gender of the baby, they erupted into cheers happily! It’s a miracle to behold!

However, don’t let us spoil the gender reveal. Watch the video, it isn’t graphic, and SHARE it over social media!