Mom Calls Police After Break-In, At First Everything Looks Okay, Until She Looks Under Christmas Tree

When Maria Cardona and her two young children arrived at their home in East Dallas last Monday night, an opened window left the mother terrified that someone was lurking inside. 


As the family approached their front door, Maria saw the front window window open and her stomach dropped.

“I was scared. I was terrified. I was about to cry,” Maria said of the incident.

Instead of going inside, she called the police.

The Dallas officers arrived on the scene and conducted a thorough search of the house but no one was in the home, and nothing seemed to be was missing. Not until Maria looked under the Christmas tree, that is.

All the carefully chosen and wrapped gifts for her children had been stolen by the burglars.

“They think that it’s probably jewelry or something big or fancy, but it was just kids’ presents.” Maria speculated.

The Officers took a statement of what had been stolen and left, but that wasn’t the last Maria would see of the two men.

The next night the two Officers were back on her front porch. Initially Maria was confused, until she noticed what they were carrying.

After meeting Maria’s three-year-old daughter Alayna, the sweet Officers just couldn’t bear the thought of the little girl waking up on Christmas morning to no presents. The men had gone out and bought several Frozen-themed toys after noticing she was a fan.

Maria was so grateful, but all the men asked for in return was a hug.

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