Mom And Daughter Discuss The Dangers Of Speeding. Then Daughter Hands Mom A Red Bow.

This daughter decided to organize a pretty special surprise for her mom! It all started when she drove up to her house…

sick mom


The incident occurred in Lyon Mountain, New York, back in 2015.

A girl and her boyfriend drove up to her mom’s house with a special surprise all planned. The boyfriend filmed everything on a spy-camera. He also starts off the video by introducing us to the situation.

Basically, the girl’s mom has been ill for a while and hasn’t even had a car for the last 6 years. Naturally, this has gotten her down, as she’d like to be able to travel around and visit her family more often.

When the couple arrives at the house, they both greet the mom with friendly hugs.

She immediately says “You drive fast!” to her daughter, and the pair get into a discussion about speeding.

“You can get up to a $45 to $250 fine!” says the mother.

“Well, I guess you’re going to have to drive slow then,” replies her daughter, who also hands her mom a red bow.

The mom is startled at first, and then looks down at the bow, noticing that it is attached to a set of keys! It turns out that the car the couple arrived in is actually a gift for the mother!

Her reaction is completely priceless as she bursts into tears and simply can’t believe that her daughter would be so generous!

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