Man Shares His Extra Airline Miles With Deserving People Who Otherwise Can't Make It Home For The Holidays

Peter Shankman gets to fly all over the globe for his job.  The author, entrepreneur and speaker has traveled over 350,000 miles this year alone. 

It goes without saying that Peter has racked up a whole lot of frequent flier miles.

The generous man usually gives his unused miles to family, friends and staff members.

However, given the new heights Peter has reached this year, he still has miles to spare.


So, instead of letting them just sit there and go to waste, for a second year in a row, Peter has decided to help deserving strangers get home for the holidays.

Peter advertised the free miles on the Imgur website.

“I pretty much live on an airplane, and it’s pretty cool. With the exception of missing my three-year-old daughter when I’m on the road, I consider myself incredibly lucky to live the life I do.”


So who is eligible for these free tickets home?

Any Imgur user who can prove that they legitimately can’t afford to travel home these holidays.


So who decides who the ‘deserving’ candidates are?

Imgur users take their vote and Peter announces the lucky winners on the website.


“I’d like to send at least two, (hopefully three or four or more) [people] home for the holidays this year, because I like making people smile.”


“I truly want to say thank you for the joy this site has given me when I needed it most, and this is the best way I know how to do that.”


“… let’s see what kind of magic we can come together to do this year. Happy holidays!”

What a generous initiative!

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