Man Has A Happy Reunion With Dog After Yearlong Separation


A loving pet owner can never imagine anything worse than being parted with his best friend. However, sometimes you are forced to part with each other due to cruel circumstances. When that happens you can only hope for a reunion someday down the line.

Back in 2014, one man who lost his job and home realized he could no longer care for his dog Reece.

Even though it broke his heart, he had to give Reece over to the care of Greater Plains SPCA, in Independence, MO.

A year later, once his financial position was again stable, he decided to find Reece, hoping for that reunion he’d so longed for.

When he looked at the website of the shelter, he found Reece was still there! Even though he’d been adopted twice, neither of them worked out.

He immediately rushed over to the shelter for his much-awaited reunion with Reece. The whole reunion was caught on tape! Check out their adorable and tearful reunion in the video below.

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