Man Finds Missing Dog On His Wildlife Camera, Aims To Reunite With Her Owners

The bonds formed between dogs and their owners a completely unbreakable. So, imagine losing both your pet pooches at once. It was a devastating blow Jackie Perdue had to bear. 


When burglars broke into Jackie’s home over Halloween weekend, her two dogs, Zoey and Coco fled the scene. Jackie desperately searched for them and even reached out to local news.

“We were just so close from the moment that I decided to adopt her, and she would always just be with me,” Perdue explained of her bond with Zoey.

Meanwhile, a Mira Mesa man named Jack McInerney was watching the wildlife cameras he’d set up around the canyon when he made quite the discovery.

In the latest footage, he spotted a severely hurt dog who was had left a very distinct trail by dragging her back legs as she went.

After showing the footage around the area, it turned out that he had found Zoey. Unfortunately, there has still been no signs of Coco.

McInerney did try to reach out to Zoey, but the frightened pup would drag herself away from him, not letting him get anywhere near her. So, McInerney started to bring her food and look out for her the best way he could.

“The miracle is, it’s close to Christmas,” McInerney explained.

“And this is a cool story because this dog is definitely a survivor, you know what I mean. This dog wants to live.”

Thankfully, Jackie and McInerney are now in contact and are devising a plan to retrieve the pup from the canyon and get her the medical attention she needs.