Local Police Help A 12-Year-Old Cancer Patient Fulfill His Wish To 'Blow Stuff Up'

Cancer is a terrible disease and there isn’t a whole lot of good that can come with it. However, this story could bring a smile to anyone’s face. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is known for giving amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for children who suffer from long-term diseases. However, there is one Make-A-Wish story from Australia that’s blowing away all the rest. 12-year-old Declan got to live the dream held by boys and men all around the world.

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Think back to when you were 12. Think of all the things you loved to do, the way your imagination could run wild and all your plans for the future. Now imagine that you receive a diagnosis of leukemia.

You’re only 12, you don’t really understand what cancer is and what it does to the body. Heck, you probably can’t even spell the word ‘leukemia’. All you know is that it can kill you. Death isn’t a normal thought that even enters the mind of a 12 year old. You might know that old people die but you don’t really understand what it means to not exist in this world anymore. It’s a hard concept for even adults to grasp.

Below, we see Declan in his hospital bed on the day that he finally managed to beat his leukemia.

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So think, if you were just 12 years old and you have Leukemia and you got the chance to make a single wish, what would you wish for?

Tickets to the Super Bowl? Meeting your favorite celebrity and hanging out for an afternoon? You could always go on the classic trip to Disney World?

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In the case of Declan, whose leukemia is now in remission, he had a slightly unique wish.

Declan decided he wanted to make some things explode. Come on, we’re talking about a 12 year old boy here. Like many boys his age, he probably loves war video games, he likes to tackle his friends in a game of football and on top of all of this, his testosterone is spiking. It only makes sense that he would want to blow some stuff up

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Luckily for Declan, The Make-A-Wish Foundation was there to make his dream a reality.

The Make-A-Wish foundation joined forces with the city of Canberra’s Specialist Response Group of the Australian Federal Police (AFP). The result was rather, shall we say, explosive.

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The Specialist Response Group trained Declan to go through several police simulations and let him set off some explosives.

The man who instructed Declan about how to detonate the explosives was Sergeant Peter Murphy. He said “We’re the breaching team, so it’s pretty much one of our specialties.” Once they had completed the detonations, Murphy said Declan definitely could have a future career in demolition. It has not been reported whether Declan’s mom has approved of this assessment or not.

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“He was pretty excited about it but I think the family got a bit of a kick out of it too,” Murphy stated.

Declan would set off the detonator every time one of the police officer would shout “Fire”. He looks like he is having the time of his life!

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The explosions are definitely what everyone will remember most about Declan’s wish, but his special day didn’t end there.

Declan was able to meet Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove, as well as several other statesmen at Parliament House. So, at the age of 12, this kid has blown things up and become friends with some of the biggest names in politics. Not bad!

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