Little Girl Throws A Party For The Homeless On Her Birthday

Artesha Crews | ABC News

Armani Crews is not like all other 6-year-old girls out there. For her birthday, she only wanted one thing – to throw a party for the homeless!

Her parents – Artesha and Antoine Crews – said that she had been asking to feed the homeless for quite a long time.

When they offered to make them sandwiches, Armani said, “No. I want the same thing we’d have at my birthday party.”

Artesha Crews | ABC News

She was told by her father that this would have to happen instead of her birthday party, and she completely agreed. The family spent $300 on groceries and they set up a line in Chicago’s East Garfield Park neighborhood.

The buffet consisted of chicken, spaghetti, corn, cakes, cookies, and lots of other items.

Artesha Crews | ABC News

Once they informed the local Church of their efforts, the church even created care packages that could be handed out.

The care packages contained essentials like toothpaste, toothbrush, some granola bars, etc.

Artesha Crews | ABC News

By the end they fed about 125 homeless people, and Armani is pumped about hosting a similar meal again in the future.

When Armani was asked about her birthday, she simply said, “It was nice to be nice.”

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