Life Hacks Guaranteed to Change Your Life Forever!

Many people have become obsessed with life hacks. They are touted as simple ways to make your life more productive and efficient.

The best ones become effortless habits in no time, while others end up requiring way too much time and effort to ever find out if they’re worth it!

Here are 18 examples of some life hacks that have been right under your nose the whole time but you may have never discovered!

Wait till you experience the difference they make!

There is a right way to store peanut butter.

By storing your jar of natural peanut butter upside down, you prevent the peanut butter from separating and eliminate the need to stir it before making a sandwich.

via Kelli Foster / The Kitchn

Spaghetti spoons are designed to measure the perfect serving size of noodles.

With this trick, you never have to worry about serving too much or too little spaghetti again!

via Facebook / My Smoko Break

Tic Tac packets have a built-in dispenser.

The small crevice in the lid of the Tic Tac box dispenses a single Tic Tac.

via Food Beast

Now you know.


You don’t have to peel off the entire shell to de-shell your hardboiled egg.

First, tap the bottom of the egg on your kitchen counter to remove a few small pieces of shell. Then put the egg in the palm of one hand, make a tunnel with your fingers and blow through one end!


Ever wondered what that loop is for at the back of a dress shirt?

Makes it easier to hang the short on a clothes line or simply hang it on a hook when you don’t have a hanger.

via The Washington Star News

The tabs on the side of aluminum foil and plastic wrap packaging help keep the rolls inside the box.

It seems pretty obvious now, huh?

via This Week For Dinner

Now that I see it!


You had bobby pins all wrong!

The smooth side isn’t the side that should rest against your scalp. The ridged side is, to give you extra grip!

via Good Housekeeping

There is a “sweet spot” on a glass bottle of Heinz ketchup.

Rather than tapping your ketchup against the counter to improve the flow of sauce, Heinz say that you should tap the tiny number “57” embossed on the neck of their glass ketchup bottles.

via The Sun Heinz The Sun News Group Newspapers LTD

Juice boxes have handles!

The small flaps on the side of a juice box convert into handles. For anyone who has ever squirted juice on themselves, this will be a game changer.

via Imgur / stretch2stretch



Chinese food takeout boxes fold out into plates.

Now that’s what I call classy!

via Huffington Post

Keychain bottle openers also open cans.

No more broken fingernails!

via Reddit / Piyh

And what’s more, the tab on a soda can is a straw holder!

All you have to do after opening the can with your bottle opener is twist the tab around and put the straw through it.

via Food Beast



The drawer under your oven doesn’t only store baking tins.

You can also use it to keep hot food warm.

via Instagram / @cozycourtz

Condiment cups can hold more sauce than you know.

The cups fan out to create more room for your favourite sauces.

via Life Hacker

Some applesauce containers come with their own spoon.

You simply peel off the lid and twist it into a spoon!

via Imgur / LookeyHere

Your mind was just blown right?!?


The handles on some pots act as a spoon rest.

Go on, go take a look at your pots.

via Tumblr

Chances are you are using the wrong type of plunger for your toilet.

Most people use the wrong plunger in their toilet. Cup plungers (right) were actually designed for sinks whereas the flange plunger, on the left, is the one you should be using in your toilet!

via Flickr / Amancay Maahs

There is a method to breaking off the perfect piece of Toblerone every time.

Push the top of the triangle towards the rest of the bar instead of trying to pull a piece towards you!

via The Bounce

How come no one told me this before?


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