Left To Fend For Himself, Blind Stray Dog Loses 5 lbs. Of Fur In Absolutely Incredible Makeover

Rightfully named Harry, the 4-year-old chow was sporting quite the hefty fur coat. In fact, all the extra warmth weighed in at a whopping 5 lbs.! Thankfully, some handy dandy groomers at the Kansas City Pet Project bravely stepped up to transform the pup’s lion-like mane. Let’s just say Harry left a little … less harry.  

Dragging around a matted, scraggly, and street-ridden layer of fur, poor little Harry could barely see where he was walking! Of course, it didn’t help most of his nose was missing as the result of abuse.

After being abandoned and left to fend for himself, the resiliant pup learned to live life as a stray. Unfortunately, that also meant trading in his luscious locks for clumps of hair six inches thick .

Rescuers from the Kansas City Pet Project couldn’t help but feel sorry for the guy and took some clippers to the matted mess as quickly as possible.

The two-hour long grooming session revealed a malnourished and underweight little Harry. Even so, the dog’s incredible transformation is truly heartwarming.

Needless to say, the four-legged friend stumbld into loving and caring hands.

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