Kiss Cam Proposal Goes Terribly Wrong!


We all love grand romantic gestures, don’t we? Well, it doesn’t get any bigger than a kiss cam proposal. If done right, a kiss cam proposal can become a memory that you’d cherish forever. However, in a large and excited crowd, it’s possible that things might go terribly, horribly wrong.

During an Atlanta Hawks game, a fan deiced to give the ol’ kiss cam proposal a try. He did land with an unforgettable memory, just not quite as he’d hoped for.

During the break, as the kiss cam scanned the crowd for the perfect couple to shine its light upon, it fell on a couple on the verge of something a lot bigger.

The guy had probably arranged all of this, hoping for the perfect moment and the perfect memory. But again, things sometimes go terribly wrong.

Facebook | Atlanta Hawks

Things got messy when the guy’s neighbor got swept up by the moment and accidentally knocked the ring out of his hand!

Judging by her expression, the fiancé-to-be was all ready to say yes, but didn’t quite expect something like this to happen.

Facebook | Atlanta Hawks

Well, at least the poor guy can seek comfort in the fact that he was about to receive a ‘yes!’

The kiss cam left them pretty soon, but there were a lot of people who got engaged in the search party so surely things eventually turned out alright. But still, that would have been one tense moment. So much for the perfect kiss cam proposal, right?

Facebook | Atlanta Hawks

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