KFC Makes Strange Pineapple Pizza With Fried Chicken Base

Being creative with food can often be a hit and miss. Maybe you land up with the next big thing, or maybe your invention is a complete failure! With chains like KFC it can be even more tricky.

However, you have to acknowledge their gumption in trying something new! KFC recently came up with a cool new invention, what do you think about it?

This KFC invention will be the ideal meal for anyone who wished they could have a pizza and fried chicken all at once.

Called “KFC Chizza”, it has a base made of fried chicken, coated in molten cheese, with a tomato sauce, ham, and pineapple topping.


The KFC Chizza has received quite the hype. However, it hasn’t received very nice reviews.

In fact, people have been quite disappointed. Just look at this picture. It looks positively tragic.

Twitter | @paish93

And in case you were wondering about the size of the KFC Chizza, here it is.

You can probably be done with it in three to four bites.


Twitter | @JoeThe5how

However, it’s only available in Asia so far.

It launched in KFC branches in Singapore recently.

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