Kate Hudson and James Corden Attend Dance Class With Toughest Toddlers In The Biz

James Corden is world-famous for his karaoke skills on “The Late Late Show,” but in this episode he shows off his dancing skills with Kate Hudson.


Actress Kate Hudson has busted her dancing moves on television before during episode of Glee, and maybe that’s what earned herself an invite to join James for the latest edition of “Toddlerography.”

The adorably funny segment has Corden warning Hudson about their notoriously tough trainers as they warm up for class.

“These instructors are a nightmare,” Corden cautioned. “They made Dwayne Johnson cry. They made The Rock cry.”

Instead of the latest Dance Moms protege, a sweet little girl no older than five waves at them. How bad can it be?

Well, when the music fires up and the toddlers begin their wayward and unpredictable moves, Corden and Hudson try and fail to keep up with the erratic choreography of a few energetic toddlers.

They leap, spin, crawl on the floor, but watching Corden attempt a somersault is by far the high point!

Watch the whole sweet thing, and try not to laugh along.

If you had a laugh, please SHARE this adorable video on Facebook!Kate Hudson joined James Corden on The Late Late Show where she and Corden got dance lessons from young children in a segment called Toddlerography. Its hard to put a finger on exactly what to call some of these dances but one things for sure, they were full of all the grace and elegance youd expect from a 4 year old. One of the kids may be a fan of early 90s hip hop star MC Hammer, because he broke out into whats become known as the Hammer Dance on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, Hammer Pants were not part of the act.