Holy cow! It's unbelievable!

Incredible 46-Foot Wave Captured By Photographer Moments Before It Crashes Down

On December 23rd, as UK families prepared to celebrate Christmas, the severe winds of Storm Barbara hit, knocking out power to more than 15,000 homes.

Even worse, this wasn’t the last setback for the region as storm Conor hit on Boxing Day.

One particular photographer, named Ryan Sandison, happened to be residing along the northwest coast of Shetland, Scottish land northeast of England, when the storm hit. Shetland’s location is indicated by the purple arrow which shows its proximity to the Boxing Day storm.

via Netweather.tv

Sandison just happened to be in the right place at the right time and captured this incredible photo of the 46-foot wave that hit the islands of Eshaness.

via Ryan Sandison / Daily Record

In Shetland, winds were recorded as strong as 94mph.


Here is a ‘before’ picture of the cliffs of Eshaness to give you an idea of how high the waves were.

via Daily Record

How truly amazing is Mother Nature!

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