Husband Takes A Buzzer To Wife's Head As She Squeals With Nervous Joy

Most people still make New Year’s resolutions. Some are easy to stick to, some are harder to abide by, but this young lady did something extreme in the name of the new year. 



Red and Cupquake are an extremely hip husband and wife team that held a rowdy New Year’s Eve party to bring in 2017. When they woke late on New Year’s Day, they did something crazy.

Red shaved his wife’s red.

Cupquake explains in the below clip that she had become obsessed with watching videos of other women having their hair shaved of and it had incited her own endeavor. It’s easy to understand, watching locks of her purple-tipped hair fall out is weirdly mesmerizing!

The couple are both having a blast during the hair cut and the results are great, despite Red only ever shaving men’s hair.

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